Premium quality Synthetic thermal media for Video Printers

Premium Quality Synthetic Thermal Media for Video Printers

Nakagawa Mfg. (USA) Inc. has been a proud supplier of premium quality synthetic thermal rolls for video printers since 2006. Our headquarters in Japan worked closely with partnering video printer manufacturers to develop an HD grade media that would replace the original Sony and Mitsubishi HD grade video printer paper, offering quality that is on par or better than the OEM's at a far more competitive price. Following the success of our HD grade media, we have now developed both HG and S grade video printer paper rolls. All of our products are solely manufactured in Japan under the strictest of quality control standards.

Quality Features
Video printer print-outs are used in a multitude of applications requiring both image clarity and durability. One of its major applications is in pregnancy ultrasound imaging. Expecting parents often keep their baby's image print-outs for years under varying environmental conditions. Comparison tests between our product and the OEM's have demonstrated quality equal to or better than the OEM's in several key criteria:

• Light Resistance
• Moisture Resistance
• Heat Resistance
• Gray Scale Quality
• Head Life and Sticking

Printer Compatibility
Nakagawa Mfg. video printer paper has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with all major black and white video printers, including:

Sony Printers

• UP-850
• UP-880
• UP-870MD/D870
• UP-890MD/D890
• UP-895MD/D895
• UP-897MD/D897

Mitsubishi Printers

• P-70
• P-90
• P-91
• P-95DW

Product Availability
Nakagawa is a quality and service oriented converter. We can customize to your needs by way of packaging, slitting true size, and more. The following are standard products which are readily available for shipment:

Sony Printers

• VP2-110HD   110mm x 20M
• VP2-110HG   110mm x 18M
• VP2-110S   110mm x 20M

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