BPA-free POS roll paper

Hazardous Free Materials

Over the years, Nakagawa has been providing the approved grades of thermal paper rolls to the OEM printer manufacturers. At present time, issues related to BPA are being discussed in the media as well as in the Congress. While in the US the risk assessment of BPA is an ongoing debate subject to scientific analysis, European health officials in Switzerland have concluded that exposure to BPA poses no risk to human health. Regardless the final outcome, Nakagawa understands the concern of the use of BPA and its safety assessment. Nakagawa will continue its participation and comply fully to the new standards when defined by the safety experts.

BPA topic is not only of public interest, but Nakagawa's as well. Nakagawa's worldwide sourcing capability allows us to obtain a wide range of material choices not only to tailor to our customers' ever changing needs, but also to operate as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company. Thanks to our continuous effort, Nakagawa currently stocks no BPA substance materials readily to accommodate your special request.

In addition to our eco and social awareness, Nakagawa is also to provide first class products and service, to be loyal to the customers as well as respecting and treasuring our long term business relationship with OEM printer manufacturers. In short, Nakagawa strengths remain intact and that is to offer solutions and integrity not only to our business partners, but also to our planet and society.

Lessening Environmental Impact

Paper is an essential commodity. In an ongoing effort to keep our earth healthy and green, Nakagawa continues to thrive for solution to lessen its impact to the earth. Using core thermal rolls as an illustration, it's easy to calculate the total impact of the core consumption alone. One core is attached to each one of the rolls. Each core weights approximately 2 grams (0.07 oz). If 100,000 rolls are consumed each month, it is equivalent of throwing 2 tons (4,480 lb) of waste every month. Solution? Nakagawa's coreless POS rolls.

In sum, Nakagawa hopes that you would pass on and promote our environmentally conscious philosophy and strict compliance to hazardous material regulations to your audience.

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